The Very Best Diet and Fitness Books

With so many diet and fitness books available, it can be difficult to know which ones to buy. So, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here is our list of our favourite books covering nutrition, exercise, bodybuilding and general fitness.

By Robert James

Diet, Nutrition & weight loss

To breakfast or not to breakfast? That is the question according to this book. Professor Kealey investigates the origins of the widely held belief that we should ‘breakfast like kings and dine like paupers’. He uncovers evidence of how breakfast was promoted to the most important meal of the day by corporate and government groups wanting to increase the consumption of cereals. The author also explores how we could actually be far slimmer and healthier without it.

The incredibly popular Atkins Diet is still the world’s number one choice. It is claimed that ninety percent of Dr. Atkins’s patients have experienced dramatic weight loss. Studies have shown it to be highly effective and easy to follow and it’s the diet of choice for major celebrities who need to get in shape. This updated version is designed to be even easier to get going with and start losing weight.

For a long time, Dukan was synonymous with weightloss mainly in France. In recent years, the rest of the world has caught on to its benefits. However, the original Dukan Diet was seen by many as quite difficult to stick to. This revised version has 7 easier steps to follow to ensure a greater chance of success. The result is a gentler method for controlling what you eat while also retaining more of what you enjoy.

Bodybuilding, weight training & Exercise

This book is the bible of bodybuilding. It includes features such as: the history of the sport; Arnold’s own bodybuilding experiences; a vast catalogue of bodybuilding exercises with detailed descriptions and photographs; bodybuilding exercise programs catering for all levels; nutrition information; and ideas for creating posing routines. An absolute must-have book for anyone interested in bodybuilding.

An intellectual as well as a champion bodybuilder of the ‘golden era’, Mike Mentzer turned bodybuilding philosophy upside down with his radical revision of what constitutes effective training and nutrition. A believer in fewer workouts, but of a high intensity, he strived to provide truthful bodybuilding advice, speaking out about what he saw to be biased, misleading information perpetuated by muscle magazines and the supplement industry.

Bruce Lee’s incredibly muscular physique won him a lot of fans, including many from the bodybuilding world, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Dorian Yates and Lee Haney. This book details Bruce Lee’s circuit training methods and provides a fascinating and detailed insight into all the various exercise techniques he applied. The book also contains hard to find information on Bruce Lee’s diet and nutrition. It is a valuable source of inspiration for bodybuilders of all levels and a must-have book for Bruce Lee fans.

This classic is an invaluable book for showing you exactly which muscles are affected during weight training exercises. It is filled with beautifully detailed illustrations that clearly depict all the muscles and bones being used, along with full descriptions of how to perform all the exercises correctly. A work of art and a virtual x-ray of muscles at work, this is an essential reference for bodybuilders and anyone who exercises with weights.

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