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We're very proud that in a Daily Mail article comparing the most popular online personal training websites, a leading sports scientist declared Online Personal Trainer to be the best service with a top score of 9 out of 10.

Read it here: Daily Mail; 16/5/2006; pages 54-55


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"Just excellent. I couldn't have done the Nairnshire Challenge without Rob's help, as I had no direction myself as to what to do. Now I'm going for weight loss, and I know I'll have complete direction on that as well. Plus it's great to converse with an expert who chats and has a good sense of humour, and does whatever he can to help. Thanks!"

Sheila, Online Personal Trainer client.

Online Personal Trainer is proud to bring you the internet's most personalized and effective online personal training service. You won't get a computer-generated fitness program here. Nor will you simply be given access to a "members only" database of ready-made exercise routines.

At Online Personal Trainer, online personal training means online PERSONAL training and you are guaranteed to receive nothing less than 100% personalized exercise advice.

To get the most out of online personal training, your fitness program needs to be written for you and ONLY for you. It needs to be created by an experienced and certified fitness professional who takes into account your personal needs, preferences and abilities. And it needs to be regularly evaluated to keep you on the road to success.

That's why at Online Personal Trainer you receive a truly personalized fitness program that is designed, managed and monitored by a practising ACE certified personal trainer.

Maybe you're a busy professional who can't find the time to hire a personal trainer in the conventional way. Or perhaps you live in a remote part of the world without access to personal training advice. Our service will save you time and money by delivering effective and affordable fitness programs right to your computer, wherever in the world you are.

We'll bring you the expert guidance of Robert Fiteni, a top American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer who coaches exclusively in the City of London. Based on information you provide, Robert will design you a fitness program that will be highly detailed and tailored to your individual needs, featuring photographs that clearly illustrate the exercises you will be doing. He will take into account the time and equipment you have available, your preferred training location, your motivation levels, medical history and exercise preferences. You will be able to access your program online via your own private client page.

If you sign up for one of the Consultation options, you'll get a personalized program for each month of your subscription period, plus you can keep track of your progress and receive regular feedback from Robert using an exclusive online exercise journal. The Consultation options allow you to contact Robert as often as you like and receive UNLIMITED exercise advice and encouragement.


Don't forget, we're offering 50% off our normal prices to the next 20 new customers who purchase consultation subscriptions.

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There are currently 7 offers left.